Eco Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for a Green Kitchen Design on a Budget

If you are ready to brave the mess and inconvenience of kitchen remodeling, then green kitchen design on a shoestring budget is for you! After all, eco friendly kitchen remodeling is not only healthier, but it can save you money.

Green Kitchen Design Thrives on Reuse

Visit any big box home improvement store, and you find installation ready kitchens. While such kitchen remodeling ideas are stunning, they are also pricey. Much cheaper, and much more environmentally friendly, is the idea of reusing kitchen cabinets tossed out by others during their kitchen remodeling. Talk to friends, family members, and also contractors about getting their old cabinets, countertops, drawers, and hardware, and you can start your green kitchen design for a song. If you can work a saw, hammer, and a varnish cloth, you have what it takes to put eco friendly reuse in practice.

Eco Friendly Kitchen Remodeling with Smaller Appliances

When your family of 10 lived at home, you needed two freezers and a dishwasher that could hold a lot of dishes, but since they are now all moved out and you are an empty nester, do you still need all these appliances? Eco friendly kitchen remodeling requires a realistic rethinking of appliance needs and in many cases downsizing – and subsequent energy cost savings – can be right around the bend. Best of all, if you sell off the old appliances, you might be able to make enough money to offset some of the expense associated with kitchen remodeling!

Don’t Forget Refuse Storage During Kitchen Design!

No green kitchen design would be complete without a recycling can, a garbage can, and of course a composting can. During eco friendly kitchen remodeling, make sufficient room for incorporating these three storage containers to follow through on your conviction to live a healthier, greener lifestyle.

Buy Local during Eco Friendly Kitchen Remodeling

Look for local manufacturers that are in line with your ideas of green kitchen design. These could be manufacturers of paints, wallpaper, raw materials, or even appliances. Remember that if you incorporate local products in your kitchen remodeling, you not only help your local economy, but also reduce the amount of fossil fuels that are needed to ship in replacement of the goods you bought from across the country.

Last but Not Least: Green Kitchen Design Forces You to Rethink Material Use

Sure, everyone uses hardwood floor, but for a truly green kitchen design, bamboo is a better option. The same holds true for countertops: everyone covets granite during their kitchen design, but eco friendly kitchen remodeling might have you look toward concrete. Do not discount kitchen remodeling ideas simply because its “never been done before.” Who knows, you might just be the pioneer on your block!