Electric Stair Lifts For The Home

Electric stair lifts for the home are what the elderly and the disabled need to safely negotiate stairs and avoid serious, injury-causing and fatal falls. The stairs are where the elderly are susceptible to fall, the sharp edges and the slope making any fall violent. Stair lifts, of which the electric versions are more common, are just the right solutions. The stair lift carries people up and down staircases.

Electric and Battery Operated Stair Lifts

Stair lifts consist of the rail along which the stair lift travels, seating and the electric motor for powering the stair lift. Stairlifts can also be folded up when not in use, providing enough space for others to use the staircase. ThyssenKrupp Access offers the Select and Excel range of electric stair lifts as well as battery operated stair lifts. The latter feature a rechargeable battery that charges whenever the stair lift is not in use. The electric stair lift can be plugged directly to current.

Plenty of Technological Features

Excel A/C electric stair lifts for the home from ThyssenKrupp Access feature sensors to detect anything blocking the path of the stair lift and stop it from moving in order to prevent damage of any kind to the stair lift or injury to the individual using the stair lift. The gear rack and power cable are concealed within the stair lift