Engagement Party Decorations

“When Harry and Sally announced their engagement, there was one word that came to all their friends’ minds… FINALLY! Yes, they were in a relationship for quite a while, they always claimed that they didn’t believe in marriage. But they were living together since 4 years, practically like a married couple. Because their engagement was a much awaited joy, their friends planned out an engagement party for them. They paid a lot of attention to the decorations, to make the party absolutely perfect, just like them.”

Decoration Ideas for an Engagement Party

Banners and Balloons

Keep the welcoming center in the hallway. Put up banners and balloons of the couple’s favorite colors. Top it with champagne as the welcome drink. Inside the venue for the party, you can put up banners with the couple’s names. You can also put up slogans that are associated with them. Make sure that the banners and slogans are big enough to be legible even from a distance.

Romantic Theme Idea

You can go with the complete romantic theme party decoration. Keep the color code to white, red and golden. Have heart shaped balloons all over the place. You can put up lovable photographs of the two of them all over the place as well. Another theme that you can go for is the tropical theme. You can have bamboo and trees all over the place. Take it a step further by serving the drinks in coconut shells. You can also go for the old school theme. You can have antique lamps and statues. Clear the central area of the venue for dancing and keep a dim sepia light in the room.

Entertainment Theme Idea

You can have a haute couture party idea and theme of decoration. Do not put up any decoration. Play lively music. Keep a section for dancing and set round tables with chairs around it all over the place. You can also arrange for a ramp, for the couple to make a dramatic entrance on. Top this off with a lot of camera flashes and a slightly dark environment.

Sports Theme Idea

If the couple is into sports, then you can have a sport decoration theme. Like if they are into basketball, you can have an NBA theme. Have hoops all over the place and let there be ample basketballs for people to shoot hoops with. In fact you can have a contest as to who shoots more hoops in 5 minutes, or something along those lines.

Frat Party Theme

You can have a typical frat party. Since this is not as formal as a wedding, but very important a phase in life. You can have a party with all the confetti, streamers, balloons, beer and the jazz. Let the party be casual in nature and call only special friends of the couple’s. You can also call in a band or a DJ to handle the music. Have a bar section separate. You can keep the bar self service, or you can have a bartender for the occasion.

Wedding engagements are very special. They are the last step in a relationship before it turns into a marriage after the wedding. It is a commitment with the freedom of decisions. In my opinion, it is probably the best phase of a relationship. Hope you will decorate the engagement party well with the help of these decoration ideas. Feel free to write back with your experiments and its success rate. This is where I sign off! All the best!