Enhance Your Home Theater Experience

Most of the time, when people talk about home theater, they will focus on how to get a high performance and cost effective home theater system. Often, they are neglect the importance of selecting home theater furniture and the room design.

When you walk into a home theater system showroom, you often discover that home theater system (especially those highly recommended model) was allocated in a proper designed & soundproof room. Inside the room, you will find a very comfortable chair located in front of the home theater system, floor covered with carpet or floor filled with wood tile and surrounded by acoustic wall paneling or curtain.

Because of the proper design, you will get an optimal home theater experience, which you can’t produce again it when you brought the same model of home theater system back to your room. selecting suitable furniture for your home theater room is also a very crucial element in order for you to obtain an excellence home theater experience.

Below is the tips when selecting your home theater seat.

1. Don’t choose the seat fabrics that difficult to clean.

Nowadays most of the home theater seat is made of leather. There are many type of leathers, the highest quality leather is full grain leather, follow by top-grain leather. Although full grain leather is the best quality, best known for its natural breathability, however top-gain leather has 2 benefits over it: Top gain leather is typically less expensive, and has higher torelanceto stains.

2. Don’t choose soft chair.

Soft chair is best for short lounge, but not for an extended time sitting. Hence firm chair is more suitable for you as it can prevent you from getting any sort of strain or aches during

Viewing. Home theater seat with reclining mechanism is most comfortable seat, but recline seat is more expensive than normal seat.

3. Don’t choose a chair with over high back design.

Over high back design will block the surround sound to reach your ear, thus it will reduce your sound experience. A high back design without blocking your ear is highly recommended.

4. Don’t choose oversized seat.

You will feel uncomfortable when your lovely room was full with furniture if you have selected bulky furniture! So, plan your floor plan prior your selection of seat. You may also save the space by removing the side table as nowadays most of the home theater seat come with cup holder. No doubt seat equipped with cup holders is also more expensive, but it really worth the money.

5. Don’t choose bright color

We get discomfort when there are too many bright colors in front of us, so that our eyes feel weary and you will see the colors even after you close your eyes. Bright color will weaker our vision sensitivity, hence distorting your viewing experience.