Enhance Your Home Using Crown Molding

What Is Crown Molding?


Crown Molding is installed to give an enriched look to the top edge of your home. It is mostly used for the purpose of capping the walls or cabinets. Most of the modern and luxury houses built today make use of crown molding to decorate the appearance where the walls meet the ceilings.

Elegance And Charm:

Even the simplest rooms of your homes could be transformed into beautiful and elegant rooms by making use of decorative crown molding. There are enough different styles of crown molding available on the market that your choice for the best one is limitless. You could use crown molding to enhance the look of specific areas such as the fireplace or your library. The crown molding is available even in wood finish, which will help give your interiors a Victorian era look. You can completely give a fresh and new look and feeling for your home by using decorative corbels. The right combination of the various styles will make your house look aesthetically charming.

Combination Of Styles:

There are various choices available in crown molding. Besides the traditional crown molding, there are door trim, cornice for the lights, molding for the baseboard and so on. If you have an idea, you could even develop a theme based crown molding. There are a number of options available to mix and match the interior decor of your walls in your home.

Varied Choices:

You have a number of choices available today for crown molding. Some are so simple that they are mostly used in modern homes. There are some crown moldings that are ornamental, giving it a richer look and it is most suited for your living rooms or library. The materials used for making the crown molding are also plenty. The most common crown molding is wood crown molding. Besides wood, a composite material is also being extensively used for crown molding, which is usually available in white. This gives the users of crown molding a choice of color, as they could paint these any color to match their interior décor.

Finishing Touch:

If properly chosen, the crown molding will give the perfect finish to your ceilings. Even imperfections in ceilings such as cracks, etc. could be easily covered using the right type of crown molding. This will give an enhanced look to your house. Since crown molding is available in various colors, you could select them to match your furniture and draperies. This will give an enchanting and aesthetic look to your home as a whole.

Experts For Installation:

Crown molding has to be installed perfectly to give it a good look. If not done by trained experts, it will spoil the look of your interiors making the rooms look terrible. The main part of the crown molding is the corner, which needs to be done with perfection. Only then, it will serve the purpose of adding value to your house. Before installation, crown molding is painted to match your interiors.

Newer Look:

If you buy an old house, you would obviously want to give it a fresher look. The best option is to install Ceiling Medallions. Ceiling medallions will serve two purposes- one is that they would cover up the imperfections in

your old ceilings and another is that it gives a stylish and newer look to your house.