Faux Leather Fabric

Have you ever dreamed of feeling the soft and buttery surface of a pure leather sofa? Or ogled at those high-heeled leather boots that are exorbitantly priced? If not the above two, then you’ve definitely wanted to at least own a pure leather jacket, at some point in your life. But while wanting to own something so beautiful, you have definitely thought about where it comes from and about how many animals are killed in order to make one single jacket, let alone upholstery material! For all you nature lovers who have a taste for some style, faux leather is the best and safest option. In this Buzzle article, you will get to know what exactly it is, how it is made, and what it can be used for.


What is Faux Leather Fabric

As you already know, there are so many different types of artificial fabrics that flood the markets today. Faux leather is just one of these many fabrics. But it is not just a simple fabric that substitutes for cotton or wool. It is one of those luxurious ones that substitutes for an expensive and tasteful original – pure leather. Faux leather is an artificial form of leather made by blending different materials. While initial producers made it by blending calico, linseed oil, and other pigments and then drying and pressing them, followed by a coat of varnish for the shiny appearance, some producers also use plastic to manufacture it. The term for faux leather that has a layer of plastic in it is ‘pleather’. Another method of producing faux leather is by mixing dried scraps of leather powder with resin. Faux leather is almost completely similar to real leather in appearance and in the way it feels. It is strong, durable, and even has a lustrous sheen to it. It can be used for many purposes, some of which have been mentioned in the next section.

What can It be Used for

Furniture: Stretch faux leather is a perfect material to use if a leather sofa is what you’re looking for. Why? Well, a faux leather sofa will not only look just as stunning as a genuine leather one, but will also be as strong and durable as a real leather one. Most importantly, it will be loads cheaper. So, if you’re considering faux leather upholstery, you need to get to the home improvement store or browse online for reasonably priced ones by the yard and revamp your sofas and chairs.

Clothing and Accessories: Leather is a highly sought after clothing material, especially to keep oneself warm. But many people refrain from buying it due to its high cost and also on grounds of animal cruelty. However, a faux leather jacket or handbag is just as stylish as a pure leather one and is as hardy and long-lasting too. It is perfect for rough use and can also be used for formal occasions. Among accessories, bags, headbands, and stylish boots are the toppers. Every man and woman dreams of owning a pair of authentic leather shoes that breathe and feel extremely comfortable. Well, with faux leather shoes, you can experience the same level of comfort and style, at a much lesser cost to your pocket and to the environment as well.