Five Cheap Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas

“Christmas, Christmas time is here,” which means it is time for Christmas decor shopping. While you are shopping for those merry Christmas decorating accents, don’t forget to decorate your kitchen for the holidays. There are tons of kitchen decorating ideas for Christmas to choose from. Here are five cheap Christmas kitchen decorating ideas with suggestions on how to apply them.

Silver Accents for Kitchen Doors and Cabinets

Christmas kitchen decorating ideas often center on a color scheme. Silver tinged holiday accents add elegance and a festive touch to your kitchen for Christmas. A silver touched wreath hanging on your kitchen door or in the archway is an attractive invitation to come enter. Target has a 24-inch cashmere tipped green wreath for $14.99. The cashmere tips give the wreath a silvery-white frosted look. Add a simple silver bow to hang from the wreath for more effect.

Silver accents for the tops of cabinets are another Christmas kitchen decorating idea. Tinsel is a great all-purpose decoration for small or tight areas such as the tops of cabinets. Simple take a rope of silver tinsel and create a scalloped effect over your cabinets. The depth of the scalloped edge hanging over each cabinet is left to your own taste. Just be advised that a deep scalloped edge can become distorted with frequently opening and closing your cabinet doors.

Santa Claus is Coming to Your Kitchen

No one loves cookies and milk more than good ole Saint Nick and cheap Christmas decorating ideas love this jolly fellow. Why not adorn your countertops with canisters featuring Santa Clause? The canisters hold the main ingredients for Santa’s favorite Christmas treat so he should be the one to keep them safe and fresh! Amazon has a three-piece Canister Set featuring a smiling Santa on the front for $16.94.

The kids will love placing the cookies for Santa on a Santa Claus Serving Plate. This plate only cost $16.99 from Gift Warehouse and is a great centerpiece for a round kitchen table. Ruby Lane has an adorable six piece Santa Claus Glass Set for $18.00 that can be used to set the kiddies at for a snack. Don’t forget to set aside a glass especially for Santa next to the serving plate for his snack.

Gilded Holiday

Kitchen decorating ideas for Christmas are not complete without devoting a section to the centerpiece of the kitchen: the kitchen table. A great way to make your kitchen glisten is with a golden Christmas decor table setting. A golden tablecloth such as Kmart’s Jaclyn Smith Traditions Gold Damask Table Cloth for $12.99, is a choice find that is elegant looking and inexpensive.

Table setting kitchen decorating ideas for Christmas are not complete without a complimentary dinnerware set. Kmart sells the Essential Home 20-Piece Gold Laurinda Dinnerware Set regularly priced for $39.99. This set is an ideal paring with a golden hued table cloth or table runner.

The table centerpiece can range from golden tapered candles to a gold bowl filled with delicious fruit and adorned with golden flowers. Take a clear glass bowl (one rimmed with gold is ideal) and place red apples, green apples, oranges, and top with a bunch (still on the vine) of red grapes. Adorn the bowl with fake, golden flowers (roses fit best) and place around the base of the bowl. Most arts and craft stores carry fake flowers and decorative serving bowls.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Decor

Eco-friendly Christmas decor accents for your kitchen will add just the right touch of holiday spirit without you having to redecorate. Mistletoe is nature’s holiday sweetheart and can be flirtatiously placed in the doorway or archway leading into the kitchen. Another great place to hang mistletoe is a few inches in front of the refrigerator. When your spouse or significant other opens the fridge to grab a drink or snack, you can grab yourself a holiday kiss.

Pine cones are a great choice for Christmas decor. If you have a small kitchen with a little round table or kitchen island, you can use pine cones as a part of your centerpiece. A quick and easy idea is to take a clear glass serving bowl (one with a green tint would be ideal), pour a bag of whole walnuts and bag of chestnuts into the bowl, place cleaned pine cones around the base of the bowl and for added effect maybe add some walnuts as spacers between the pine cones. This is eco-friendly Christmas decor that is easy, not overdone.

A Little Holiday Frosting

Christmas decorating with white is an easy choice, as white linens, curtains, and kitchenware are not hard to find. However, a light dusting of snow in the kitchen this holiday season is an accent that goes a long way, and all you need are a can of artificial snow (less than $5.00 at arts and crafts stores), cheap red or green plastic tablecloth from your local dollar store and a few plastic place mats which can also be found at most dollar stores.

If you have a centerpiece for your kitchen table spray some fake snow on the plastic tablecloth around your centerpiece. Use red or green place mats to place your canisters on then lightly dust the mats with fake snow. A light spray of artificial snow along the edges of you cabinets and countertops works nicely. Don’t forget about those kitchen windows. Giving them a light dusting of artificial snow will make the holiday bright, even if you do not get snow during the winter.

These five cheap Christmas kitchen decorating ideas will get you started this season. You can apply the suggestions given for each idea or take the ideas and let your own creativity shine through. Whatever you decide have fun using these cheap Christmas kitchen decorating ideas. Happy Holidays!