Free Online House Floor Plans

Many online home plan providers offer thousands of free house floor plans for printing and viewing purposes. Search through a unique collection of designs suitable to your needs.

Global House Plans features a large variety of free house floor plans from Architects and Home Plan Designers from North America. Search and view a selection of house floor plans on by specifying the square footage; the number of stories, bedrooms, bathrooms, and garages; and plan type. With such a large variety of house floor plans, you are sure to find one that fits your style.

Browse through a database of floor plans categorized by type/style and that range from beach to small house plans.

These home design plans can be printed for free right from the comfort of your home. Options include individually printing items from a drop-down menu that includes the exterior image, individual levels, or details. This user-friendly feature also allows you the option of printing all of the information as one document.

Eplans is one of the top online sources for free house floor plans with over 20,000 selections. Searches of house plans can be customized by a number of options ranging from plan styles to bedroom requirements, giving you the precise features you are seeking for your future home. Printer-friendly pages of house plans are available for viewing and printing. “My eplans” is a highlight feature at that allows you to save and revisit plans you like or share them with family and friends via email.

House plans on are sales from Hanley Woods, the nation’s leading supplier of house plans, and are constantly updated.

Family Home Plans house floor plans are provided by the Garlinghouse Company, America’s first house plans broker, which was established in 1907.

Browse through a stock of popular home designs by means of the “quick plan search” tool. View and print the free house floor plans based on square feet, bedrooms, bathrooms, and square feet.

Floor plan images may also be mirrored reversed to fit your desired layout.

Architectural Designs offers its best selling home plans courtesy of over 120 registered architects and home designers.

Refine searches by sorting through plans based on sales popularity or simply search by common characteristics such as garage type and size; the number of bedrooms, and bathrooms.

All house floor plans featured on may be printed and include an exterior front and back view of the home.

Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens’ website,, offers a diverse group of house floor plans. Partnering with, Better Homes and Gardens offers over 4,000 free top-selling house plans online. Small to luxury house floor plans are available for visitors to view and print. These and additional plans and styles can be quick or advanced searched based on the specified number of square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, and floors. For a fee, these featured sites all offer house plan modifications and some include a free consultation and estimate. All house floor plans meet or exceed national building standards set by the International Residential Code (IRC).

Take a look at these free house floor plans and be on your way to building your dream home.