Garden Decorations to Make

A garden is an extension of your personality, it reflects what you are and how you perceive things around you. A garden need not be elaborate for one to enjoy its beauty, it just needs to have everything placed in it, either aesthetically or, in an order that will enhance every nook and corner. A garden that can create a flow, without obvious obstructions, will in a way, free your mind and open it up to a lot more than you will realize. As you read further on, you will find some interesting ideas to choose from.

Choosing the Right Decorations

Although there are plenty of garden decor ideas to choose from, you need to choose one that adds to the garden and is functional in its being placed in a particular location. The type and the size of your decoration should be in harmony with your garden. Are you planning on creating one or more major focal points, or are you going to have numerous, but very subtle ones that will completely blend in the background, or a combination of the two? There is no hard and fast rule about the way you should decorate your garden, you can add new or old, even something that’s broken, or anything you fancy and adds to your garden’s look. While choosing and placing ornamentation for the garden, most people believe that everything has to be placed in an order, straight lines, or height wise. But one can experiment, the idea is to ensure that the flow is maintained and everything is in harmony, even the unkempt look too!

Garden Decoration Ideas

Garden decorations when placed appropriately can enhance the beauty of the plants, and accentuate the garden’s style and identity. Some decorations can be made by you, following is the list.

Bird Feeders: Bird feeders will attract many feathered friends to your garden. Place them in a place where bright colored flowers bloom.

Bird Houses: Bird houses will ensure that the chirpy sounds never desert your garden. Before you make or get one, understand what kind of birds you are looking forward to. The size of your bird house should be in accordance to the birds you plan to give shelter to.

Containers: Container gardening not only enhances the beauty of your plants, but the varied and unusual shapes and sizes available, helps you to make a dull corner interesting.

Urns and Pottery: Contemporary or otherwise, urns and pots make for an interesting addition to the garden décor. Placing a large urn as a centerpiece of a flower bed, would constitute as a good design for garden flower beds, or use pots of varied sizes and shapes with light bulbs attached, placed between flower beds or along flower bed borders.

Water fountains and Pond: While water fountains can easily be placed in small to medium-sized gardens, ponds look better in large gardens, as a pond tends to occupy more space. Water and water bodies add a natural flow to the garden, and when fused with some sculptures and architectural designs, well they just get more beautiful.

Garden or Lawn Furniture: When your garden looks inviting, you will need a place to enjoy it too. Garden or patio furniture could constitute of cane, wrought iron or wood. Decide upon the size, and its placing, it should not obstruct the flow, and at the same time give you the view of the entire garden.

Decorative Pavements: Pave a way into the garden or make a pathway using decorative stones, or small pickets along flower and vegetable beds. When you are making a pathway with stones, make sure they are leveled well into the surface.

Lighting: Lighting plays an important role in bringing out the beauty of your garden when the sun goes down. Place them to display your flowers, use full to diffused lighting to get that right look. If it’s the electricity bill you are worried about, try solar garden décor lighting ideas.

Besides the above mentioned ideas, one can have wind chimes, trellis, hammocks, colored walls and garden gates to enhance the garden. As I said earlier, your garden is your personality’s extension, let it speak for itself.