Garden room’s a plan for all seasons; DIY donny Don’t end up freezing – or frying – in your conservatory.

Sick of your conservatory being unbearably cold in winter and

swelteringly hot in summer? The answer to your problems is a garden


Even if you have a radiator in the room there is always a need for

an additional electric heater during the winter and once it has warmed

up the heat escapes out the door.

The opposite happens in the summer where a conservatory is a

complete glass structure which makes it like a green house.

The constant messing around with blinds to keep the sun out is a

task in itself and keeping PVCu clean is quite a job – just ask my

window cleaner.

The traditional conservatory bought out of a catalogue does not

really suit our climate, but it provides much needed additional space

compared to an extension.

The solution is moving towards a garden room, which is a halfway

between a conservatory and an extension and requires to be designed

around your house and not simply attached to it.

Because of this you will need planning permission planning permission

formal permission granted by a local authority for the construction, alteration, or change of use of a building

planning permission