Garden Wedding Ideas: Planning a Casual or Formal Garden Wedding

One of the most challenging aspects to choosing an overall wedding theme is finding a style that suits the personality, and the budget, of the bride and groom. Garden themed weddings not only provide a beautiful backdrop, they are versatile as well. Garden weddings can be elegant and sophisticated, or playful and chic, depending on how the wedding decoration ideas are used.

Finding a Garden Wedding Location

There are plenty of ways to find the perfect location for a garden wedding, some with very little cost to the bride and groom. The first step in finding the right place for the garden wedding is determining how many guests will be in attendance. Larger weddings may be best suited to a local arboretum or conservatory. Smaller, more intimate wedding celebrations could easily be held in the backyard of someone close to the bride and groom.

In addition to the gardens and parks owned by the local community of the bride and groom, other private venues may offer garden-themed wedding services, as well. Vineyards, bed and breakfasts, and independent inns may also have gardens available for wedding celebrations.

Choosing Garden Wedding Decorations

Once the location of the wedding has been identified, wedding decorations can be planned. It is important to factor in the specific design of the garden wedding location while preparing different wedding decoration ideas. The natural landscape of the location will play a key role in the overall look and feel of the garden wedding.

Those considering a chic and elegant celebration should keep wedding decoration ideas simple. Sticking to clean lines and neutral tones will help bring out the natural beauty of the gardens.

  • Use tall glass vases with a single flower for a clean, elegant table centerpiece
  • For an evening garden wedding, use white luminaries or candles to illuminate paths
  • Decorate chairs with neutral-toned chair covers and sashes
  • Antique candelabras add drama to any table at the wedding reception
  • Lawns should be trimmed and flower beds properly edged no more than two days prior to the wedding
  • Rent parquet flooring for a comfortable dance floor or altar area
  • Hang candle holders and candles from shepherd’s hooks at the end of each row of seats
  • Rent large tent space with open walls to bring the reception together without losing the open space of the garden

Casual garden weddings or events with a playful spirit benefit from a more whimsical and less stiff approach. Instead of various candelabras, glass jars can be used to make candleholders and centerpieces. Some other ideas for casual garden wedding decoration ideas include:

  • Decorating a pergola or gazebo with strings of lights
  • Feature plants in terra cotta pots as wedding favors or centerpieces
  • Miniature birdhouses can be suspended from a tree with fishing line to create and interesting photo backdrop
  • Sprinkle the aisle with many flower petals of different colors, shapes, and sizes
  • Use random flowers from the garden for bridal bouquets
  • Suspend neutral-toned paper lanterns over the dance floor or reception area

Garden Wedding Food Ideas

Besides being decoratively flexible, there are many different foods that can be served in the garden without coming off as out of place. If there is not a lengthy reception, or dinner, to follow the wedding, cake, punch, and coffee service is an excellent way to mingle with guests after the ceremony. Some other ideas for food at a garden wedding are:

  • In a tropical setting, a luau-style buffet, complete with a roast, can be fun and interesting for the couple and their guests
  • A BBQ wedding menu is not only easy, but allows guests to mingle with one another without a former dining arrangement
  • Picnics can be an informal way to feed wedding guests with a touch of country charm and romance
  • An appetizer buffet allows guests to enjoy the food while strolling along garden paths

Other Garden Wedding Considerations

In addition to considering all of the decoration details that come with planning a garden wedding, it is important to also consider practical items as well. For instance, will the guests have access to a bathroom? What is the alternative plan should there be inclement weather on the day of the wedding? Will the garden area be accessible for weddings guests with disabilities?

Planning a garden-themed wedding provides plenty of opportunities for the bride and groom to be creative with their surroundings, while taking advantage of a naturally romantic and beautiful setting for their big day.