Go Green With The Kitchen Counter Top Of Recycled Cardboard

Move over natural stone; recycled cardboard counter top called Paper Stone is taking over! The natural stone beauty of marble and granite has been the upscale kitchen counter top choice for many years. Now, thanks to the surging and long over due interest in developing go green recycled products, there are new competitors that combine renewable resources with recycled materials, that are more affordable, yet comparable in function and beauty to the timeless elegance of these stone finishes.

Quarried and imported from locations around the world makes natural stone cost prohibitive or environmentally compromising. So, for those who appreciate the sophistication of stone products but are looking toward more environmentally friendly alternatives; it’s time to take a look at Paper Stone.

Paper Stone is not only a beautiful counter top product made primarily from recycled cardboard and renewable resources; the manufacturing process is fascinating, innovative and absolutely ingenious.

Made From Organic and Recycled Materials: Post Consumer Recycled Card Board and Paper

Recycled cardboard is the primary ingredient, but when soaked in resin, pressure heated and finished with a protective wax finish, it creates a fabulous looking and totally functional counter top surface.

Phenolic Resin

This resin is also a go green product. It’s a scientifically designed formula of a Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) base that has been used for over 100 years. It’s first application was the casing of the black rotary telephones of the early 1900’s.

Dye and Wax Finish

The dyes and final finishes are also made from natural renewable resources. The two primary preserving waxes used are bees wax and Carnuba. Carnuba is the hardest natural wax known to man and comes from the Copernicia Cerifea; a palm tree from Brazil.

These 3 primary ingredients, working in combination, create a heavy duty, easy care, high performing solid surface that goes beyond expectation. It has stone like beauty and strength which can be trimmed and fitted like a fine hardwood.

Manufacturers can customize color, size and edging to the exact specifications of the home owner, designer or builder.

It is for this reason, an ever increasing number of designers, architects and contractors are incorporating cardboard recycled Paper Stone into commercial as well as residential applications, Paper Stone. These applications go beyond just the simple kitchen and bathroom counter top surfaces. Other applications include:

  • bathroom wall partitions
  • table tops
  • window sills
  • furniture
  • outdoor kitchens
  • paneling
  • chair rails
  • tiles
  • custom cutting boards

For anyone interested in up dating, remodeling or building, look into the clever, go green, cardboard counter top known as Paper Stone. It’s environmentally friendly, affordable and most importantly, will be a wonderfully enriching addition to any kitchen or bathroom design.

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