Green’s Horticulture Switch to a Shorter and Sharper URL

Bristol, Avon (PRWEB UK) 22 December 2013

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Green’s Horticulture, the UK’s premium supplier of hydroponic and horticultural growing equipment, changed their URL on Dec. 17 from to The move came after a meeting where management and employees decided that Green’s Horticulture needed a revamped URL name to better reflect the business and the services and products it offers.

In a statement about the change company owner Mr Green announced “Since 2003 Green’s Horticulture has been a supplier of specialist horticultural and hydroponic growing equipment to the consumer market. Over the years we’ve grown to be one of the industry’s most respected retailers of hydroponic growing equipment, both online and in our brick and mortar store based in Bristol, UK. This recent move is a logical step forward for Green’s Horticulture as a business. We needed a web address that really encompassed us and what we’re all about. The name 'Hydroculture’ does exactly that.”

Although the web address has had a revamp, the business itself continues to offer the same dedicated service it always has. “Over the years we’ve built up a great reputation as not only a hydroponic and horticultural retailer, but also as a source of advice and information on anything to do with cultivating plants at home” Said Stuart Withers, a Green’s Horticulture employee. “The decision to change our web address has not in any way affected the way we do business. We will still continue to offer the same expert advice and high quality goods as we always have,” he added.

For readers who are unfamiliar with hydroponic gardening, it is a method of growing plants without soil, through a process of directly feeding plant roots with a nutrient-rich solution. The roots of the plant either directly hang in the nutrient solution or sit in an inert growing medium such as clay pebbles. There are many benefits to growing hydroponically rather than in soil, one of which is beautifully summed up on the Green’s Horticulture website: “The main benefit is that nutrient solution is applied directly to the root zone so the plant doesn’t need to work so hard at the base and will subsequently grow larger and at an enhanced rate, producing more fruit.”

Hydroponic gardening has grown in popularity in recent times. With more people being conscious of what they are eating and a higher demand for food produce, hydroponics is a perfect answer, offering freshly grown healthy produce in a shorter time and in larger quantities than plants grown in soil. Green’s Horticulture sell all the equipment needed to cultivate plants at home using hydroponics methods, from individual items like grow lights, grow tents, and hydroponics nutrients to complete grow tent kits that offer an ‘out of the box’ solution to start growing plants hydroponically.

About Green’s Horticulture

Green’s Horticulture Ltd was established in 2003 by Tom Green. Since opening they have served keen hobby gardeners, hydroponics growers, and the rest of the horticultural industry with market leading products, both online and in their retail store in the heart of Bristol. With a pledge to offer expert advice and quality customer service as well as selling goods, Green’s Horticulture has gained a reputation in the industry as being the “go-to place for every indoor gardener.”

To find out more about the company you can call the Green’s team on 0117 971 3000, email them at info(at)hydroculture(dot)co(dot)uk or browse their range of products on their website