Harvest Wreath

I took a hike with my son a few days ago. Little did I know that within a few hours time (the bulk of the time was the actual hike), we would have a gorgeous, homemade harvest wreath that truly rivaled anything I have seen in the trendy stores and catalogs. The two best things about this unintentional project were the fun we had making the wreath, and the fact that it was absolutely free!

It was a sunny, crisp October afternoon. My family enjoys hiking, so my son and I decided to indulge in one of our favorite pastimes. Living in the northeast, the colors and sights of fall were pretty much at their peak. It was a feast for the senses as well as a nice way to spend some quality time together.

We were walking around a lake in a lightly wooded area. Vibrant red leaves on the vines entwined around mature trees were truly breathtaking. The twisting and braiding around the tree trunks in such intricate and fascinating ways had an almost surreal quality to them. If you