He is in a habit of coming home very late..?

my men is in marketing profile..due to his closings n dealer meets he is getting in habit of coming very late in night..n i m really upset wid dis..guys plz tell help me out..how to react in front of him..m really fed up wid dis..


My husband is in an employment situation where contractors etc..take him out to dinners etc. Night by night he was coming home late…and one night had a contractor call me and tell me that he (the contractor) was drunk and needed my husband to drive him home..this is like 2am and is it ok if he just spends the night at his place. I said he is a married man with two children he better get his a** home or not to come home at all. The next a.m he was to tired to go to work..I said get your a** to work and I said if you wanna act like an unmarried man with no responsibilities then he was going to have it!!! I would be gone with the kids in a flash…he was never late like that again!!!