Hiring a Gas Fitter – Fitting is NOT a DIY Task!

There is simply no way to circumvent the process of looking for and hiring a licensed gas fitter for your household or business needs.  Gas fitting is a required maintenance step that ensures gas flows freely and properly.  As such, it also reduces the risk of gas-related fires.  Because of the intricate nature of this job, this is definitely not something you would want to try on your own.  It is essential to hire somebody who knows what they’re doing, and more importantly, somebody with years of quality experience and results.  When looking for a qualified gas fitter, consider the following tips.

The first tip would be do extensive research.  Research is to shopping for items or services as practice is to professional sports.  Without the former, you can’t do well in the latter.  So it goes without saying that this is the most important tip.  This would encompass acquiring customer references from potential gas fitter candidates, asking family and friends if they know anybody for the job, checking the accuracy of their credentials.  In addition, this also covers fees and additional charges, because you don’t want to overpay or be surprised with hidden fees when the job is completed.

Second, once you have selected about three to five potential gas fitters, you can start narrowing them down by asking to have your home inspected and asking for an exact quote corresponding to the services required.  Don’t settle for ballpark figures.  Gather complete details and if they can’t give you any concrete answers, they aren’t worth your time.  Also, ask whether you would have to pay for additional supplies.  If they mention this to you upfront, that does not exactly disqualify them from the race.  At least they are not withholding anything from you.  Remember that transparency can go a very long way, even in simple transactions such as looking for and dealing with an experienced gas fitter.

Last, but not least, ask about warranties and emergency services.  How long is the warranty and what does it cover?  (Bonus tip – warranties for gas fitting services should be no shorter than six months.)  Do they have a number you can call any time of the day or week?  These may seem like optional questions, but they are nonetheless necessary in helping you find a qualified fitter.

With an experienced gas fitter, you can benefit from his years of knowledge and expert advice.  He will make absolutely sure that there are no leaking appliances, and will even proffer advice on where to place certain appliances or equipment around the house.  So whenever you need some maintenance done on your gas pipelines, or perhaps start up a home improvement project, don’t proceed any further until you are sure you have the right gas fitter for the job – a person with the requisite skills AND experience to do his job right.