Home-based Business Opportunity: Soy Candles

Soy candles make up the 3-billion US dollar home-based business industry. The other types of candle that can make huge profits are traditional paraffin wax and gel candles. However, the selling point of soy candles is its cleaner and longer burn.

Paraffin wax candles produce black soot, which can affect the aesthetic condition of most of furniture around. Also, according to professionals, at least 11 toxins and chemicals were burned each time. Burning wax candles can be likened to a second-hand cigarette smoke.

Soy candles on the other hand produce white soot. Besides a safer burn, it is also economical to use because it is slow in burning. In order to make it clearer why a soy candles makes a good home-based business idea, it makes sense to discuss the origin of its wax.

Soy wax, the main ingredient in making the candle, comes from a fine wax extracted from a soybean. The oils, which are extracted from soybean flakes, are partially hydrogenated.

Soybean wax is like any other wax. But its distinct characteristic is a cleaner and smoother burn than most other waxes. Now, since it does not have remarkable differences from the traditional types of waxes, it also makes sense that the steps in preparing the candles are not different.

Nonetheless, for starters, it would be wise to do a thorough research on this subject. Even when you have an experience making and selling other types of candles, it would save you the hassles of trial and errors when you read a book about it, watch a related video on YouTube or video attachments in some links.

If this is your first time to engage in candle-making home-based business, it would be best to enroll in crash course on soy candles. Most classes are designed to help people, mostly mothers and women, do well in making candles for business.

Different designs and styles are taught practically during soy candle classes. The good thing about attending classes is the tips given by mentors whose expertise and experience can serve as learning nuggets to you.

For example, they may impart to you the secrets on making delicate designs such as flowers and hearts, and practical containers like coconut shells. Soy candles can also be scented and of different colors.

Learning from the mentor on what to look for in a soy wax, containers, scented oils coloring materials and the types of wick is helpful as knowing the stores and shops that offer the lowest prices and discounts.

Candles are among the most sellable commodities in America. Not only are they used for decor in the office or home; but they are also used by people who are romantic, conscious of saving energy and the earth.

People who love to soak in a tub of spices, herbs and aromatic oils match the aura with soft light from candles. Hence, a good marketing plan on why they should prefer soy candles over the other types will make an enormous difference on your home-based business.