Home Decorating Ideas for Horse Lovers

Do you love horses? Would you like to incorporate your love of horses into your home decorating scheme without going overboard? This article will give you tips and ideas for adding a horse-lovers theme to different rooms of your home. Many kids love horses, and a horse theme is a wonderful way to give their room character. For boys who are horse lovers, a cowboy theme is ideal. To achieve this look, start with the bed. You can add cowboy flair to their bed with a horse-themed sheet and pillow set, such as those available at HorseLoversHeadquarters.com. To really lend a rustic cowboy flair to a boy’s room, you can look for a wooden log bed, or even make your own. Wooden floors work well with this theme of course, but cowboy themed carpet will be perfect for younger boys. On the walls, consider covering one entire wall with a cowboy mural, or for a subtler approach, use a neutral colored paint with a cowboy or horse border. Another great idea would be faux wood-grained wallpaper, available at designyourwall.com.

To decorate girl’s rooms with a horse theme, you can turn to a pony decorating scheme. Walmart sells a “Pony Bed in a Bag,” while many other stores sell various horse and pony themed sheets. A pony themed carpet would be the perfect floor covering for this room, while a lovely stable scene would make a great mural for one or two walls. Use strings of horse-shaped lights from Target, or perhaps a lovely pony or horse lamp to add to your theme. To complete the look, accessorize with horseshoes, figurines, and even a cowgirl hat hung on the wall.

Horse lovers who want to decorate other areas of their homes have many options available to showcase their love without going overboard. In the home office, you can make use of horse calendars, mouse pads, mugs, photo frames, or art selections. For a truly grown up and understated addition to your office, try the hunt-themed lamp with metal horse base, available from FoxHollowForge.com.

A horse themed kitchen is a quirky way to show your love for horses. Montana Silversmiths makes a classic horse printed canister set that will look great on your counter. You can also look for horse or cowboy themed tablecloths and hand towels.

If you want to incorporate your love for horses into your home’s décor, but don’t want to decorate an entire room with this theme, you have several options. A bronze horse statue will work in any home if you simply choose the right size and design to work with your home’s décor. You can also select a classic piece of artwork with a horse related theme. For extra touches, look for horse printed afghans, throws, pillows, and prints. Even a nice coffee table book of horse photos can showcase your love for horses.

Whether you want to decorate an entire room, or simply add some subtle touches, horse lovers have many options for letting their love for horses show through their home’s décor.