Home Decoration – Decorating Corners of Your Home!

Corners are often the most neglected places of any home until care has been taken to utilize this space to its fullest potential. It is normal that most of the unwanted things get dumped in corners making it simply impossible to clear out!

However, corner is the only place in your home where you will find that things are most untouched, this space can be used to display most exotic collections and make it an attraction of your home. Corners in your living room can be successfully transformed into spaces where you can keep you decorative items. You can make multiple level stands and add lot of glamour to your living room. Illuminated corners often make the room seem larger than it actually is, therefore, using either an attractive desktop lamp or a wall hanging lamp would be a great idea.

Corners else where in your home is essentially used to put tables, or cupboards, depending on the size of the corner. But this does not utilize all corners, corners in landing spaces of home should be used to put stuff that is generally required by all in home. You can always place a long short table here, make sure you decorate this space too and light an electricity lamp here! Well illuminated house generally tends to put people in good moods, darkness breeds negativity and depression.

Instead of usual lights in the ceiling try to use lamps that will give a lot of extra light and illuminate the space around. If you want the light to reflect more, put a medium sized mirror exactly behind the lamp and you will get double the light that you were originally getting.

You can also use a stool a table and put an idol or a sculpture and illuminate it with a light in a corner, this will give an excellent exposure to the art piece as well as make the corner useful. With large corners, which are not large enough and neither very small, you can use these to make your personal space. You can put a table and a chair whereby you can read books, write letters or use laptop for yourself. You can make this personal space just belong to you and no one else.

Corners near or in the kitchen can also be used as spaces to store water dispensers, or salad and fruit stands. These stands can be mounted on a table where you can store cutlery and dinner sets which you are least likely to use. If you have any collector’s items with you, it would be ideal to make a stunning glass corner showcase of put these pieces on display. This you can do regarding most visible corner of your home.