Home Depot Bathtubs Versus the Smaller Store Bathtubs

If you are in the market for a bathtub, you know how amazing the selection is out there, and you have probably also realized that it’s a little overwhelming. You might be tempted to go to one of the big chain home improvement stores, but sometimes that’s not your best bet for getting a good price. You can find great deals in other places if you know where to look.

It’s no mystery that you can find a great selection of bath fixtures at your local chain home improvement store. There are a plethora of Home Depot bathtubs or Lowe’s fixtures to choose from, as they are big stores with the means to offer many different brands and styles. The thing is, the larger chain stores won’t always give you the best price on your new bathtub, and this is where a little shopping around at local retailers or online may save you some money.

If you go to a local home improvement store where you may know the owner or meet him while shopping, this will give you the advantage of being able to negotiate the price with the person who has the authority to give it to you. Many larger chain stores will not negotiate prices with you, but a smaller business owner will usually be more flexible with the price and give you a better deal than you can find at the bigger store. Because they are also in the home improvement business, these business owners will usually also have relationships with many of the same bathtub manufacturers as Home Depot or Lowe’s, so even if they don’t have your bathtub in the store, chances are that they can order it for you and give you that better price while they’re at it.

Another place you can look for your new bathtub is online. The advantage with shopping online is that you can find some great deals that you won’t find at a physical store location. Online retailers know that they have a harder sale to make when you can’t see the bathtub right in front of you, so they will often give the lowest prices you can find as a way to obtain customers. Don’t forget the incentives like “free shipping” and no sales tax can save you hundreds of dollars, so when comparing prices remember to factor this in.

Whether you choose to shop online, go to a local business, or go to the large chain home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowe’s for your new standard or whirlpool tub, do your homework to save yourself some money.