Home Inspection: Why Is Sewer Inspection Necessary?

Sometimes, home buyers fail to have the sewer inspected. It’s either because they think it’s not that important or maybe because they just forget everything about it. But did you know that sewer inspection is also vital? This is especially true if the property you’re intending to buy is more than 20 years old. Here are the reasons why sewer inspection is necessary:


Tree roots can grow into the sewer lines of the property. This is considered as one of the most common sewer problems to date. The roots of trees can slowly creep into tiny openings of the sewer line. As they expand, they can latch on to other materials inside the sewer. Although abrasive chemicals can kill these tree roots, there’s still a chance that they will reappear. Apparently, these tree roots have the capacity to damage the pipes. Once the pipes are damaged, you have to excavate the sewer to fix the problem.

If the property you are going to buy was built in the 50s, you really have to have the sewer inspected. Do you know why? This is because the sewers during this era were built from tar paper. These pipes from tar paper are referred to as Orangeburg pipes. These are not strong enough and could collapse over time. Therefore, they really have to be replaced.

How Are Sewers Inspected?

Your real estate agent can refer reputable companies to you. The contractors usually use a camera to assess the sewer and the sewer lines. The camera is also attached to a monitor. This is how the contractor will view the sewer. The camera will reveal if the lines are clogged or not. It will also reveal the real condition of the sewer. Aside from these, the contractor will also identify the type of materials used for the construction of the sewer.

Sewer inspection must be carried out before you close the deal with the seller. Otherwise, you may end up paying for everything; the inspection and repair. I know a lot of people who failed to have the sewer inspected. They had to take out a huge chunk of cash from their savings and income for the inspection and repair. So, if you don’t want to go through the same ordeal, you better pay attention this area of the property. You can talk to some people you know or you can talk to your real estate agent. There are a lot of reputable sewer inspectors out there.