Home networking issues.?


So I'm having trouble getting my home network running after reinstalling Windows XP SP3 on both my computers. One is wired to my D-Link WBR-1310 router and the other is wireless. They can both connect to the router setup page and the internet fine but cannot see each other. They are both on the same workgroup “HOME”. They are both on DHCP and the wired computer picked up the normal IP address of, while the wireless computer picked up the unusual IP of If I try changing either machine to something more in line with the other I lose the connection on that machine.

Can someone please tell me what settings I need to enter in either machine, and/or router to have both of them on the internet, and let me see both machines on my network?

I.T. Chris: Tried calling the number but the service is blocked because I'm in Canada. Is there a Canadian number I can try?

Tracy L: I'm definitely using my home network unless someone else in my neighborhood has setup the same SSID and password as me. But I'll try resetting the router and see what happens.

Ok, I've reset the router to factory defaults and re-entered my IP info and setup the wireless and now both my computers have 192.168.122.x numbers and can see each other on the network, and access the internet. Still don't know how or why they're using that address instead of a more common 192.168.0.x. If I try changing to that IP nothing works. Go figure.

It sounds to me very much like you aren't connected to the Dlink with your WIFI. But since you say you can open the setup page.. here are a few questions. Are you using a unique SSID? Use the wired machine and change it off the DLINK default to something for your system. Then reconnect the wireless unit to that SSID.

Your router should be issuing the SAME IP range to both wired and wireless units. the .122.111 sounds very much like a different network router. This can happen if there are two routers nearby! It can also happen if you are using static IP's (which you should check and clear, use DHCP on both units!)

If that isn't the issue, you need to clear the router, reset to factory defaults and set it up again. Routers should only issue DHCP addresses in the same range either .0.x or .122.x not one for wired and one for wireless. (Nice idea and is available on some really really high cost units to separate wifi from wired networks – however, I looked and the Dlink doesn't include that!)

Bottom line, you have something setup in error. Once both machines are on the same IP range you can then network them. Be sure the subnet on your router (DHCP settings) is set to as well.