Home Remodeling Tricks to Avoid

There comes an occasional time when you and your contractor don’t see eye to eye. Either there was a lack of communication on someone’s part or, who am I kidding it’s always a lack of communication. But, those types of problems can get resolved even though sometimes they have to end up in court.

But, there are scam artists out there who will rob you like a thief in the night. Sometimes, there is no course of action because you don’t have enough information to nail them. You think you’ve asked all the important questions and have everything you need. But, the scam artist who flees town after taking your money won’t leave tracks behind.

Outrageous New Scam

When you need a job, you might go through references and it makes a lot of sense. But, some people like to start the bidding wars and that’s where they get in trouble. Bidding wars start substandard bids, which are too good to be true.

In this economy, it’s easy to want a very low bid to be feasible. But, you’ll get substandard work or no work done at all. Once the bid is approved and a bidder is awarded the job, they might take the advance and run. They might do poor work or use cheap materials and take short cuts. You have to be weary when it comes to substandard bids because you never know what type of mess you are going to get. Then, you have to pay someone else double to clean up the mess.

Typical Old Scams

When disaster strikes, you have to be alert about it striking twice. Contractors who come from out of town to “help” when disasters strike might offer you a good price on your yard clean up or water damage. But, they come out of the woodwork and are only using your misfortune to their advantage. If they don’t know what they are doing, you’ll end up with an even bigger mess.

Make sure you check their licensing and make them get permits for any work they offer to do. That way you can let the system weed out those individuals who are trying to hustle you. They’ll disappear on you quick. But, at least they won’t disappear with your money.

When someone comes to your door offering to do work for you at a discounted cost, you have to ask why. They’ll tell you that they just completed a job in the area and they have supplies left over. It’s a scam. Never accept unsolicited work unless you know who it is.

Most legitimate contractors have their business logo and name on the side of their truck. It’s a great promotion tool. This isn’t the only way to mark a hustler, but an unmarked vehicle is normally a sign that should make you weary. Ask for a business card and some references. Do some checking at the BBB or the court house, where you might find some lawsuits that will get you in the loop.

High pressure sales tactics are another way to spot a scammer. In this economy, some legitimate contractors might offer some discounts or give you a great deal if you act fast. But, they will let you think about it and might give you a week or two to make a decision. A hustler wants you to make that decision right now and they use other high pressure sales tactics as well. They will make you think your house will fall apart if you don’t fix the problem yesterday. Get a second opinion. That’s one way to make sure you have accurate information.

Scam artists will always be around. They are like roaches. They will keep knocking on your door and coming at you for every ounce of money they can get. But, there are some sure fire ways to protect yourself. Just make sure you use them and don’t hesitate to back off from an offer that sounds too good to be true. It normally is!