Home Remodeling

2011 is almost here, and I know that many people are planning to redecorate their home to welcome the New Year with a bang. If you want to remodel your home, but your budget is the only factor that is keeping you from doing it. Then, brace yourself because I will share with a ton of secrets on how to fashionably redecorate your kitchen, bedroom and living without spending hundreds of dollars. All you need is a pail of patience, a bucket of creativity and a handful of hard work.

Color is a big factor when it comes to creating a theme or a look in a living room. If you want to create space in your living room then have your walls painted with either plain white or a combination of white and light blue. Another tip to keep a room look bigger is to hang a rectangular mirror on the wall. However, all-white is a little boring so if you want to add life into your room you can place a painting, wall décor or throw pillows that are of lively colors.

For your kitchen you can use glass tiles. It is inexpensive and it functions as a décor as well as a wall or division. Do not use wall paper in your kitchen as oil and other greasy substance may stick on it. the kitchen should not only look great but also functional. You can check out stuff that are multi-functional like a kitchen table that also has drawers where you can keep your utensils or stools that also function as a kitchen accessory. If you need to buy stuff for your kitchen and want to save money then try shopping during second-hand stuff online or you can check out your local department store for sale or discounted items.

The bedroom is the only place where you can be yourself. It should project tranquility and peacefulness. Avoid loud colors like red, black and orange as this could energize you. Choose blue, white, cream, peach, pink or yellow. Your bed should also be comfy and the size of it should not be too big that would eat up the space in your room nor too small that you cannot stretch your body or relax well in it. Also, avoid placing unnecessary decors and accessories. Keep it simple. Make sure to check your rugs or carpets if it is clean or if it needs to be washed or replaced. Carpets and rugs are usually a haven for insects and other microscopic agents like dust.