Home Security Landscape Design Tips

You may be surprised to learn that your landscape design plays an important role in home security. Anything planted in the landscape near your home can prove to be a deterrent, or an access aid, for an intruder to breach your home security.

When using shrubs and trees for privacy as part of your landscape design, don’t block your neighbor’s view of your front and back entrance ways. Home security will be increased if an intruder is deterred from breaking and entering a residence just from the realization that the neighbors have a good vantage point of the residence’s entry ways.

All plants used in the landscape design near your home’s entrance ways need to be kept trimmed so as to not obscure home entry points. The best landscape design for home security will only include low growing plants near the home’s entrance ways so as to not provide an intruder with a hiding place.

Plant thorny shrubs like roses and holly’s in your landscape design around the foundation of your home, especially under ground floor windows, for increased home security. The thorns in the bushes will act as a deterrent by making access to your home through those windows less desirable to an intruder.

If part of your landscape design includes trellis or lattice work running up the side of your home, it could potentially be used by an intruder to breach your home security and gain entry into your home. If you have, or planning to have, anything of this nature against your home that could be used as a ladder, plant thorny vines or slippery vines to climb up the trellises or lattice work. Take a good look at your home from the curb to see if any of the architectural design could possibly be used by an intruder to climb on. If there is, plant thorny shrubs or slippery vines to grow there also.

When planting trees as part of your landscape design, keep home security in mind. A large growing tree near your home could in time provide an intruder access to the second floor of your home. Make the taller growing trees part of your property’s perimeter planting in your landscape design, instead of near your home.

Any existing trees in your landscape design need to be evaluated to see if there are any limbs that could potentially be used as a ladder by an intruder. Trim all limbs that are currently big enough, or will become big enough, to be used as a ladder.

Plan your landscape design for home security as well as beauty.