Home Staging and Foreclosure Tidbits: Tips on How to Stage your Home

Have you decided that it is time to sell your preforeclosed home? Gather and encourage new buyers to take interested in your cute little home by staging it to make it more appealing. Home staging is the process of setting up and creating an ideal home for every potential homebuyer.

Staging your preforeclosed home can be your sure-fire way to sell your home in a flash. This means that if potential buyers see themselves living in the home that you are selling, you will surely find yourself signing the deed of sale and handing your keys to the new owners of the house.

If you feel that you do have enough money to give your old home a complete overhaul, you can still stage the place by concentrating on the various furniture pieces inside. Now, staging your home through furniture is rewarding; especially if you want save more money on setting up the place for buyers. One-way of home staging through furniture is to turn your worn out pieces into those that look like antiques.

Here is how you can do this:

  1. Take out all your old furniture pieces and clean them up. You can take off all the old varnish through sanding. Use a hard brush to remove all the dirt on each piece — a small tooth or detailing brush to get rid of the dust stuck in the corners of each seat or table that you would like to restore.
  2. Go to the nearest hardware or home improvement store and buy a few small cans of base paint. Of course, the amount of paint that you will purchase will depend on the number of furniture that you will be painting. Paint each piece of furniture with the base coat. By the way, you may want to use light colors as your base paint such as those in yellow, beige and white. Be sure to let the each coat to dry entirely to avoid drips and smudges.
  3. Paints that are in the shades of brown, sienna, rust and olive are the perfect choices for transforming your furniture into antiques.  As the paint dries, be sure to use a wet sponge or a damp towel to create drag marks or swipes on the surface of the wood to give it a more rustic feel. These will accentuate the look of each piece – without over doing it. Remember that an overly staged home can be a bit of turn off for most house hunters.
  4. Now, place each piece significantly at every room in the house. Each piece will highlight the subtle elegance that the house exudes. This will make the home the most properly staged house in the area.
  5. Metallic furniture pieces can also be turned into antique-looking, with the help of some paint thinner and some silver or bronze spray paints. You can even use a metal brush to take off a few layers of paint on the metal and spray paint each part with a metallic shade.

So it doesn’t matter if you are working on a really tight budget or you just want to stage your home in a different way; turning your old furnishings into antique looking pieces can definitely reel in more buyers than you can ever imagine.