Home theater paint job?

I've been reading that a matte or flat dark color is good, and that black, red or brown in dark colors are best. Gray is unwelcoming and doesn't set a good atmosphere, so I would prefer to go with one of the first three. I'm just not sure which would go best with the ceiling (since it can't be painted).


So any help is appreciated. Also, is there a special screen paint for the projector I should use? I don't want a screen, if possible.

http://i109.photobucket.com/albums/n54/uh-oh_here_we_go/085.jpg this is the link to a picture of what the ceiling tile color is like.

The reason for dark colours is to enhance contrast. Unfortunately white ceiling tiles will degrade contrast so painting the walls will have less impact than ideal. That said, a matte medium/dark wall colour is still a good idea. What color doesn't matter that much. Any color caste from the wall color can be compensated for when you calibrate the projector.

As to the screen, there are commercial screen paints (e.g. Goo systems, 1st link) or numerous recipes for DIY screens with paint, cloth, laminate, etc (See 2nd link). I did a DIY painted screen several years back and it worked out very well. I have also made my own screen using blackout cloth. painted and separate screens each have advantages and disadvantages. I suggest reading in the forum at the 2nd link.