Homemade Christmas Decorations for a Simpler, More Meaningful Christmas

Are you planning a simpler, more meaningful Christmas this year? Many families are putting aside the trinkets and the toys, and rediscovering the peace that comes from spending quality time with family and friends.

Just because you’re celebrating more simply this year, that doesn’t mean you have to forego your favorite family traditions, like gift giving, Christmas parties and decorations – although some families choose to do so. Instead, you can find ways to tone down your festivities. Focus on why you’re doing these activities instead of what you have to do.

Making homemade Christmas decorations together is a wonderful way to mark the start of a simpler season. Creating Christmas decorations with your family and friends is one way to remind yourself WHY you celebrate Christmas.

Here are some simply homemade Christmas decorations you can make with your family and friends. These are easy to make, so even the youngest members of your family can participate. While you’re making these, remember that perfection is not the goal. Rather, enjoy the time you get to spend together, and the savor the Christmas memories you’re making.

Christmas Glitter Ornaments: Use Christmas-themed cookie cutters to cut shapes out of heavy white paper. Cover one side of the paper with clear drying craft glue, then cover with white glitter. When the side is dry, glue white glitter on the other side as well. Let dry flat. When your ornament is completely dry, make a hole at the top and thread with a ribbon or colorful string to hang on your tree.

Juice Can Lid Christmas Ornament: This homemade Christmas decoration makes a lovely memory, and can be given as a gift to grandparents. Cut a photo of your child, or your family, to fit on a juice can lid. Use a hot glue gun to glue lace or fabric trim around the lid, as a frame for the picture. Make a loop out of ribbon, and attach it to the back of your ornament.

Balloon and String Ornament: This is my favorite homemade Christmas ornament because they can be decorated in so many different ways. Blow up a small balloon (as big as you want your ornament to be) and cover with fabric stiffener. Wrap colorful string or yarn around the balloon until it’s almost all covered. Let it dry and pop the balloon. Put a hanger on top and add small festive decorations to your ornament.

One alternative for this homemade Christmas ornament is to leave an opening when you’re covering it with string. When you’ve popped the balloon, hot glue lace or trim around the edges of the opening. Inside the ornament set up a small nativity scene, or other Christmasy theme. You can also make the balloon larger and use this ornament as a tabletop decoration.