House Warming Gifts: Ideas for Giving to New Neighbors or New Homeowners

If you know someone who just moved into a new home, don’t you think you should give them a house warming gift? House warming gifts don’t have to be extravagant. You could give something as simple as a bag of sugar with a note that says, “I hope the time spent in your new home is always sweet.” The following house warming gift suggestions are great whether you know person really well or if the person just moved in next door.

House Warming Gifts #1: Dinnerware

Dinnerware is the perfect house warming gift for people moving into their first home. If you know the person, give them a set that suits their personality. Also a set that matches their new kitchen is a great idea, if they like their new kitchen that is. If you don’t know the people, you might want to consider a plain set of dinnerware that would match anything.

House Warming Gifts #2: Throws

One of the hardest things about moving into a new home is making it feel like home. Luckily, there are gifts you can buy that will help make any house cozier. For example, throws are a wonderful way to make a living room feel inviting. When you see a throw blanket tossed across the arm of a couch, you just want to curl up and read a good book or watch a good movie and that’s also how the new homeowners will feel.

House Warming Gifts #3: Pillows

Oversized pillows are another way to make a house feel like home. This house warming gift can be tossed on the floor for comfy place to sit on game night or the new homeowners will be able to make a comfy place to sit and read their favorite book. This house warming gift will also be appreciated when the homeowner is feeling under the weather and wants to curl up on the couch.

House Warming Gifts #4: Scented Candles

Another way to make new homeowners feel at home is to give them scented candles. This house warming gift improves the mood of any new home. Even though the boxes may not be unpacked yet or the pictures may not have been hung on the wall, the smell from a scented candle can reduce the stress and make a new home feel more comfortable.

House Warming Gifts #5: Furniture

This is the one gift that should be reserved for people you actually know. If the new homeowner just moved into their first home, or into a much larger home, they will need furniture. Whether you buy them a new recliner or pass down a set of living room furniture, this is a great house warming gift. This will be one less thing the homeowner needs to worry about.

House Warming Gifts #6: Welcome Mat

Every home needs a welcome mat. If you know the person, you’ll have an easy time picking out a welcome mat that suits their personality, but if you don’t know the person it may be a bit harder. If you notice the new homeowner has a pet, you could always buy a welcome mat that had cat or dog (whichever they have) on it. Or you could stick with a simple welcome mat that anyone would enjoy.

House Warming Gifts #7: Pier 1 Gift Card

A great house warming gift is a card to Pier 1. The new homeowners will be able to pick out items that suit their new home and their style. Pier 1 has everything the new homeowner might possibly want. They’ll be able to pick out dinnerware that they like or even art. This is a great house warming gift whether you know the person or not.

House Warming Gifts #8: Homemade Treats

If you don’t know the new homeowners very well it’s always nice to surprise them with a homemade treat and welcome them to the neighborhood. They may be too busy to make homemade treats and will greatly appreciate a batch of brownies or cookies, but Jell-O molds really aren’t ever a good idea.