How Businesses Are Using New Technology to Advertise

Technology is constantly evolving, as are businesses. As things change, new opportunities and trends arise. Not all of them will catch on, but those who are the first movers to a new technology and claim their stake in it often rise to the top. The companies that fail to adapt to a trend that catches on can suffer significant consequences. We have seen this with camera companies that failed to move to digital cameras, GPS companies that failed to recognize that every smart phone would soon be able to operate as their products do, and the future holds many more similar innovations that businesses must adapt.

Social Media

Social media for businesses didn’t catch on overnight, but it is now a necessity for businesses of all kinds. Those who did bring their brand online benefited significantly and continue to experience long lasting results of having a following and brand exposure to millions throughout the world due to social media accounts.

Social media has given opportunities for good businesses to display their products, services, and customer service, and has kept other businesses accountable by giving consumers direct access to them and other customers. The effect on marketing that social media has made is comparable to that of when television was in its prime. Properly taking advantage of social media and using it effectively and sometimes selectively will help grow your business and build dedicated and passionate customers around your brand.

Quick Response Codes

Quick Response (QR) Codes are matrix like codes that are readable by a machine device, most commonly smart phones. They were first developed in Japan for use in the car industry, but they have evolved into something much more than that. Although they have not fully been adopted by companies around the world, they are an effective and attractive marketing tool, and are being used for things including account logins, identification purposes, and more.

QR Codes are used now primarily as an attractive marketing tool that a company can display their brand with. Unique QR Codes can contain logos, products, an advertisement and more, all while being a code that when scanned with a smartphone, will lead you to the company’s website or landing page. Being able to transition in-person meetings to website visitors is a great way to start the process of acquiring customers.

One company focusing on the marketing opportunities that are presented by QR Codes is QR Code Home. QR Code Home offers a range of online marketing services from creating a QR code for a business to other cheap marketing solutions. They focus on many of the growing trends that will make or break a new or growing business.



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