How can I make a good home for my gerbils?

how can i make them feel at home and eveything if i dont ever play with them cuz they bite me? please help i love them but i cant play with them. and i want them to feel good cuz right now i can tell they are not.

Gerbils are very active animals. They love to dig, burrow, chew, and excersize. First off, let's start with bedding.

There are two types of bedding you should never use, and those are Cedar and Pine. Those 2 are very dusty and are the leading cause of respiratory infections in gerbils. Instead, use aspen, carefresh, or corncob bedding.

Second, since gerbils LOVE to dig and burrow, a wire cage is just not suitable. You should have an aquarium, that way they do not fling bedding out all over the place.

Third, for the fun. If you want to get them a wheel, make sure it has no bars as their tails can get caught in the bars and rip off. Get a solid plastic wheel such as the Silent Spinner. Use your old tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls to give them something to chew on, that way their teeth don't grow too long. To make it even more fun, bury the rolls and boxes under deep bedding so they can tunnel and find them. For houses, I recommend using either ceramic or wooden houses, as plastic or cardboard is quickly and easily chewed up.

That's about all! Good luck!