How can I see my house using a satellite online?

There are several websites where you can see a satellite photo of your house online. The detail of the satellite images is surprising, and it’s all free. On some sites, you can not only see satellite pictures of your house, but can also find home value estimates, property tax information and detailed driving directions to just about anywhere.

Google Earth

Over the past decade, the technology in satellite imaging has made it possible to view pictures from nearly anywhere on the planet from the comfort of your home office. The images are not real time–most are about two years old. Google Earth combines satellite images with maps and aerial photos that allow the user to zoom in on physical addresses, check out local schools, find driving directions and view 3D terrain.

To download the free version of Google Earth, visit Recommended for PC users: Windows XP or newer, a 2.4GHz processor, 512 MB of system memory and 2GB of free space. Once loaded, there’s a tutorial that familiarizes you with how the software works.


If you have an older computer, or do not want to install software, you can still view satellite images of your home online at This popular real estate website allows you to not only view pictures of your house, but also get home value information as well. You can also see what other houses in your area are selling for.

Zillow offers satellite, aerial and map views that are from one to three years old. Many users can also see a street view of their homes, and you can use your mouse to navigate down streets in a virtual driving experience. This feature is valuable if you are searching for a new home and want to check out the neighborhood.

Real-Time Images

The technology is not there yet to receive free real-time pictures of your home. Not only would it be incredibly expensive, it could potentially be a privacy concern.


Google Earth


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