How do I change hardware on doors?

Remove Old Hardware

Remove the screws on the handle with a screwdriver. If the screws are not exposed, locate the spindle latch and apply pressure to remove the knob and expose the screws. Grasp both knobs, and pull them apart. The spindle is attached to the inside knob and is removed with the knobs. Remove the screws from the latch, and pull the latch out of the door. Unscrew and remove the strike plate from the door jamb.

Insert New Hardware

Measure the bore in the door to determine the size of the lockset needed. Purchase the appropriate size lockset. Place the strike plate on the door jamb, and secure it with two screws. Place the latch inside the bore on the door, and secure it with screws. Insert the spindle into the bore, and firmly press the inside and outside knobs together. Ensure that the inside knob is on the inside of the door. Secure the knobs with screws.


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