How Do I Make Money Online From Home?

YOURNETBIZ- What is it?

YourNetbiz is a somewhat automated marketing system. It is designed to do the presenting and sales part of your business, the “Telling and Selling’. Your role is to generate ‘Targeted Traffic ‘to your website through your marketing endevours and then let the system sort and close your interested prospects. For a fully deatiled outline of this business I highly recommend that you checout the marketing tour.

What is the product that I sell with YourNetBiz?

1 – Comprehensive Training system containing 200+ training videos, articles, ebooks etc, covering all aspects of marketing and advertising. The beauty of this is that it is suited to marketing and selling any business opportunity that you wish to market.

2 – Information Products – you have full access to thousands of information products in over 88 different niches. You can use these for your own benefit, plus your get full resale rights to all products, meaning you get 100% of each individual sale you make.

3 – The business opportunity itself. You have a huge opportunity to make a ton of money with this business, potentially a full-time executive income, workling from home. You make from $300 to $2000 each and every sale that your system closes for you. Imagine one sale per month, per week, per day!! A real important aspect of this system is that YOU GET PAID FIRST, from the first sale you make. Then you make a payment to the company and to your sponsor (the person you signed up with). Therefore each person that you make a sale to pays you a portion of each one of their sales!

4 – Full access to Primo Vacations and The 4 step System – explained below.


This is an exclusive travel club. If you join YourNetBiz as a platinum member you gain full access to this club for free! If you arent interested in YourNetBiz but you like the sound of recuiting members to a travel club then this is for you. Primo Vacations is also cheaper to buy into, approx $697 with no ongoing fees. For each $697 sale you make, you pocket $500. The marketing system with Primo is very similar to that of YourNetBiz (it was created by the same company) and like YourNetBiz, your role is to market Primo Vacations. The system does the telling and selling and closes the deal for you.

Your Prospects have the option of simply buying a mebership to Primo Vacations, or for the same price, they can buy the membership and the business opportunity. The membership to this travel club provides massive discounts on flights, cruises, hotels and condos, in some cases up to 85% off the recommended retail price.


This is also provided free with YourNetBiz, however can also be purchased separately. The 4 Step system was created by The TurnKey Marketing Group and basically goes through the 4 steps that all people should follow if they want to make it in the online marketing world. I like to think of it as a blueprint to success. If you join through YourNetBiz it helps immensely with marketing your business, plus you get access to the Inner Circle, which is forum where members can post Q & A to help each other out.

The 4-Step System is designed and more importantly applies to any online business.

If you join separately YourNetBiz you can currently get a $1 14-day trail, the system costs you $59.95 per month and you get approX $983 worth of value the minute you join up.

You can also recruit members to this group and earn approx $30 per month from each member you recruit, this is called AFFILIATE MARKETING.

With Affiliate Marketing, all you do is recruit members to various businesses/groups and then you get paid a monthly commission, its that simple!

Hopefully this explained the components that make us my online home business. There is much more information that can be provided on each component, contact me should you require any more.