how do i plan a dream wedding with a $1500 budget?

My fiance and I are planning on getting married, this November. Our budget is VERY tight, 1500, only because money is very tight with my family, and I don't know how much his family can chip in.I don't know how we can plan a dream wedding on the beach, plus reception with such a tight budget. I'm about ready to just cancel all plans of a wedding PERIOD.

Don't give up your dream because of your budget. When you hit a wall, find a way over or around it.

With a tight budget, you get more creative.


You can't invite tons of people. The more people, the more expensive.

Shop carefully for things you need:

Dress sales (David's Bridal $99 sale)

Let your attendants wear a nice dress in the color you choose

Don't bother with tuxes. Can use dress pants and nice shirts with or w/o ties

Keep flowers simple

Have a friend who is a good photographer take photos

Music on an iPod or CD player

Friend as DJ

Least expensive venue would be someone's home or backyard

(Parks can be reserved for a small amount)

Have family help with food, or have a dessert buffet

(IF you are contacting people about helping you with your beach wedding, the prices are going to be expensive. Simply plan a beach wedding on your own (DIY) and you can save tons and tons of money.)