How do I start a Home Based Travel Agency??

Hi!!! I want to start a part-time home based travel agency and I'm not sure how to go about doing it. I have the opportunity to work with a growing family business that books 2000+ cruises per year. I think there would be good profit potential with this, but I am not entirely sure. For the most part I want to work exclusively with this business; I'm not interested in working for a physical agency at all. I would love to reap the personal travel benefits too! So I figure I need some schooling of some sort, but there SO many out there… I'm not sure where to start. I'm also not quite understanding if it is nessaccary and how it works working with a parent travel agency. For my purposes, I think it's important that I have access to ALL travel services for my client, but it seems like alot of these companies are just referral sites for specific deals. Any experiences, tips, suggestions, or links would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanx 🙂

Thanx, but I'm really not interested in any kind of travel website referal program. That's exactly what I am trying to weed through. I want to be an actual travel agent.

I have a business for overseas surgery referal I also work for a travel compnay that enables me to legally sell travel to my clients. I work in travel for who have a system for home based travel agents workig from home on commison have a look at thier webisite there is information about it on there. The only other way to work from home is to get your own licence