How do security cameras work?

Contemporary security cameras incorporate the most up-to-date recording technology. Whether in use by law enforcement agencies, a business or a homeowner, video surveillance is a mainstay within the realm of modern security.


In 1965, police began using surveillance cameras and closed circuit television technology to survey criminals. With the invention of video cassette recorders (VCRs), security camera use gained popularity.


After security cameras were able to record footage, video surveillance was adopted by anyone looking to record or deter suspicious activity at their business or home.


Analog security cameras record images and send them via a cable to a VCR or a digital video recorder (DVR). Though VCR recordings remain on cassette, DVRs convert images digitally for compressed storage and use.


IP cameras transfer images into digital content within the camera unit and can either store the video on a data card or stream the video directly to a personal computer (PC).


Before using a security camera, it is important to research any applicable privacy laws.


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