How do we do a Cheap Fast remodel?

Ok here is what happened. Long before we were married my husband purchased a house (I do not say home as neither he nor I ever lived there). In the past years since he purchased this house he has had 2 tenants. Now we are a military family and can not be there to manage the property ourselves so there was a family member doing it for us. Well to make a long story short the family member was not doing a good job and not only was rent never paid but the house was destroyed. Until just recently we did not know the extent of the destruction and were not prepared to have to remodel an entire house. Now we have a week and a half at home and very little money in order prepare this house for sale. Please give me all the ideas you have on how to remodel a 3 bedroom one bath house for as little money as possible in just a short period of time.

clean everything, paint neutral colors throughout the house, if you have window or door trim paint that bright white. Holes you need to repair although if you have large holes in sheetrock you will most likely need to replace the piece. Rent a carpet cleaner and clean the carpets yourself. Replace any burned out lightbulbs or broken fixtures. Make sure the windows are sparkly and the screens are intact. Make sure the kitchen and bathrooms are in really nice shape and the sinks/faucets/baths/toliets are clean and free of stains. If you do everything that us posters suggest then you should have a decent place to offer for sale. Another alternative is to take the former renter to court and sue for back rent then you can use that money to finish fixing up the house.