How much would it cost to remove or get rid of a bathroom?

I know this seems like an odd question because most people want an additional bathroom in their homes. My husband and I are looking to buy our first house and we think we've found it. The problem is that the previous owner (the house is now owned by a bank) basically turned a closet into a second bathroom (technically it's a 3/4 bath with toilet, sink, and shower) without the proper permits; this makes our dream house technically a 2 bedroom because the third has a bathroom instead of a closet. The cost then will fall to us to have the work “undone” which doesn't bother us very much at all, but we need to know about how much it'll cost. What I was wondering is how much would it cost to remove the bathroom that was put in illegally and turn it back into a closet?

if you were to DIY it would be cheap.

if you were not to DIY and assuming the bathroom isn't a total disaster (it's tiled and good work) the labor is gonna be like $500.

to DIY… you need a few basic tools and idea of what you're doing.

you'll need a big trash bin to toss the trash in. you'll need eye/hands protection. you'll need floor protection covers and a vacuum, broom.

basically you demo the shower, sink, toilet, etc. there are many ways to do this, I generally find it's most fun just to smash it. smashing is messy, however if you're strength-challenged it breaks heavy things like sinks and slabs of tile work into smaller, more movable pieces… careful smashing the toilet, there's always lots of water in it!

I also find that to remove the wiring in the walls it's just easier to to smash and wreak the wallboard rather than do as little damage as possible- major work like this it's pointless to try and save the drywall. time consuming and more expensive to patch & paint than if you were to replace it later!

you'll only keep one light (if the closet is huge maybe 2 or 3) and you shouldn't need any outlets…

the floor will need patches or repairs to cover holes from plumbing. you'll need a plumber to do the capping and sealing (unless you like fixing sewer pipes) electrician can be skipped ONLY if you know what you're doing. power should be cut to the rom while you're working on the electrical areas or when demoing you might accidentally hit an electrical line.

DIY costs to fix this problem:

wallboard is $7 a sheet 4×8 feet + $10 drywall mud, tape.

plywood (for floor) is $3 per sheet 4×8 feet

nails, screws, etc- approx 6 bucks

wire if needed 14-2 romex approx 15 cents per foot (or less if you buy in bulk).

plumber to cap lines- $30-$100 (guess)

paint- $10/can (or $30 for the good stuff. honestly its' a closet, who cares)

floor coverings:

real tile: $1.28 per tile (roughly 1 sq foot)

carpet: ask carpet company. never worked with carpet

fake tile (like that wood-patterned stuff): approx $0.70 per tile (~1 sq ft)

real wood floor: if you got tools it's cheap. if not, it'll be like 400 bucks.

fake wood floor (like what they sell at ikea): i think $20/package, one package covers like 15 sq ft.

unless this is a big walk-in closet you're looking at $300 tops. (it really depends on how much the plumber costs)

if you have it professionally handled :

$500 labor (estimate)

$200 trash disposal

$150 electrician

$100 plumber

$300 materials

and 3 days time.