How To Add Architectural Pizzazz To Any Room

Most architects are aware of it: American houses which were built back in the 1960s and earlier almost always had more detailed architecture. They featured archways, wider moldings, built-in cabinets, built-in book cases, corbels, and more.

All of these were used to create more interesting rooms; to give them pizzazz!

Then, starting in the 1970s, builders discovered that they could cut their costs by getting rid of some unnecessary detailing. It was doubtless a good business move, but the result has been tens of thousands of dull, unattractive rooms.

Fast-forward to the 21st century. The trend is coccooning, ie., more people like to spend more time indoors. Along with this trend, more people are paying more attention to the attractiveness of their indoor rooms.

A visit to the local Home Depot will show this to be true, as they now feature a wide range of ornate moldings, do-it-yourself doorway kits, and wood details for your home’s cabinetry. All of this is designed to bring the pizzazz back to your home.

So how do you add this architectural pizzazz? One way is to use cast plaster. It’s great for adding some architectural interest to a room which was once dull. You can use it for corbels, moldings, columns, fireplace mantles, and more.

Another suggestion: Use some one by six boards in your room around the ceiling’s inside edge. This will create an attractive frame. You can fill in the cracks between the boards with paintable caulking, then smooth it.

It’s then just a matter of painting the ceiling a pale blue color and painting your new frame with a color that matches your walls. This produces an immediate tray ceiling, and is growing in popularity.

If you want, you can take this project a bit further by adding some crown molding on your new frame at wall level.

Another idea: Make your own columns. Do this by creating a couple of square boxes of wood that has been pre-sanded. These should measure six by six (and you’ll add a six by six top to each of them later). Use one of these as the top of your column and the other as the bottom.

Before you add the top to your boxes, you need to attach a four by four sanded post between them. Add the tops and then stand the structure upright.

Tap it in place between the floor and celing with a rubber mallet. After you finish the bottom and top with crown molding and paint, you’ll have a gorgeous new room!

One last suggestion: Consider using corbels to add some attractiveness to a dull room. You can buy these at a local home-improvement store as well as many specialty websites. You can find corbels in many sizes and varieties.

You can use them beneath your kitchen cabinets, under the fireplace mantel, or even inside an extra-wide doorway. After it’s installed, just add a wood or glass shelf to display your unique pieces and collectibles.