How To Build A Patio

Adding a patio in your home enhances the overall beauty of your residence. But it can be a costly endeavor and you need ask for help from your friends or someone that knows how to do it so that your project will succeed and make your time worthwhile. It will also quicken and make the whole process enjoyable if you ask for help.


The materials that you need for this project are concrete, cement, pavers, pressure-treated wood, stones and gravel.


The tools needed for the project are ruler, tape, a wheelbarrow, shovel, saw, sledge hammer, nails and drill.


Examining your residence and the surrounding area will help you determine what kind of patio that you want. Decide the overall size of your place and the building materials that you want to utilize. It is advisable to pick materials that are the same to that of your abode so that it matches your project. Be sure that you will pick materials that will match your requirements and budget.

Remember that your materials should be suitable for different kinds of weather all throughout the year. Like avoiding choosing concrete as your material if you live in an area with hot weather because it absorbs heat. Utilizing a frame before constructing your patio is an excellent idea because it allows you to imagine the finish product and simplifies the whole building process.

Construct a frame made out of wood in your construction area to determine the size of space and give it some breadth and dimension. Utilizing the material that you have chosen, line the space for the patio according to the design that you want and do some additional touches.

You can start on your project with materials like pavers, stones and others. Dig the area at least ten inches deep and fix it with stones. You have to be one hundred percent sure that your area veers away from your residence. The slope should be .25 inches for every twelve inches to the land area. This will help prevent H2O stagnation.

Carefully place gravel to a one inch depth. Fix any bumps so that it levels correctly. Place sand above the area and fix any uneven area. Place pavers depending in the pattern that you want. Stabilize the whole set-up by placing sand and water over it.

After you have fixed the area around your area, you should shift your attention on what kind of furniture and additional décor that you want to install in your patio. But make sure that it can adapt to any weather conditions so that it can last for a long time.


You should make sure that the overall design of your area matches the design of your home. The wood that you used for the support should be water resistant and of top quality to ensure its longevity.