How to Build a Steam Shower

As there are many health benefits of steam bath, many home owners opt for steam shower instead of installing the usual bathroom shower. Steaming for 20 minutes after a hectic work schedule helps in body relaxation and also to relieve stress. Medical studies have revealed that regular steam bath promotes skin health, detoxifies the body and helps to treat sinus and other breathing problems. Hence, steam bath is often practiced as a home remedy to treat nasal congestion and respiratory disorders.

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The features are more or less similar to a typical bathroom shower, except that an additional steam generator is installed in the former case. The steam generator serves in producing water vapor (by heating water) in order to fill up the room. One of the major concerning factors is the high cost of residential steam showers. In order to overcome this, you can consider building the shower on your own. Another option is to convert the traditional bathroom into a steam shower by installing a steam generator.

Building a Steam Shower

During the installation, it is always advisable to follow the manufacturers guidelines. In case, you are not confident about plumbing and electrical fixation, you can take the help of a professional plumber and electrician. The first and foremost step is to decide the location and size of the steam shower room. If possible, the ceiling height should be made less than eight feet so as to accumulate maximum steam. For proper drainage, you can create a slope to the ceiling of the room and floor.

Based on the size of the shower room, you can consult the manufacturer about the correct steam generator. The steam generator should be connected with an electricity line and a water line. Usually, the steam generator is connected to a 240 volt electricity line. The most common problem with steam showers is the leakage of water vapor from the shower enclosure to the main bathroom, which in turn, may damage the wallpaper and paint. Steam leakage also increases the chances of fungal growth in the walls, which can lead to certain respiratory diseases. Hence, to avoid all these issues, steam shower should be installed with a special shower door and the enclosure should be made waterproof.

Before purchasing the door, make sure to measure the dimension in such a way that the new door is custom-fit to the existing size after closing. Doing so will ensure that there is no leakage of hot water vapor outside the steam shower. While buying the shower door, always choose the one with superior quality. For making the enclosure waterproof, you can tile the bathroom or shower walls, floor and ceilings by practicing the usual way of tiling. Ensure that the joints and connections are sealed with silicone. Another option of waterproofing the enclosure is by making use of glass. As per your choice, you can place a bench in the steam shower to sit on, while enjoying the steam bath.