How to Choose Lighting Ceiling Lights when Building a New Home

The placement of ceiling lights and other fittings needs to be considered during the early stages of building a new home. In order to formulate an illumination plan for your new house, you need to consider the purpose of each room, the placement of the windows in relation to the sun and the general shape and size of each distinct space. By creating an illumination plan early you can find a solution that effortlessly provides ambient light at any time of the day.

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For a really interesting look, try using a few different styles of lighting and ceiling lights throughout your new house, while tying them together with one unifying feature. Consider using recessed ceiling fixtures to illuminate your whole house, while also including some statement pieces to provide lighting accents and visual appeal. These fixtures can be as spectacular as you like, such as giant spherical pendants or gorgeously delicate modern chandeliers.

It is important to install all of your major lighting and ceiling fittings before painting your new house or moving your furniture in, as fixing your lighting later can be messy and inconvenient. If you don’t yet know what kind of style you want for your interiors, use some barely noticeable down lights that will work with any decorating style. You could also consider putting some small fixtures into some unconventional places such as just above the bathroom mirror, in closets and underneath kitchen cabinets. These small details can make all the difference in improving your new home’s usability.

Once you have made a decision on the bones of your new home’s illumination, in the form of well placed recessed fixtures or pendants, it is time to find some fun and practical lamps to finish off the space. Even if you have the most comprehensive fittings system, lamps are always good to have in the home, as they provide light at different heights and angles, casting more interesting and varied light throughout a room. Consider using rigid desk lamps or organically shaped floor lamps in your new home.

When planning the lighting for your new home, make sure you invest in bright, white ceiling lights where you need it most, like the kitchen, bathroom and any other work areas such as a study, studio or sewing room. All these rooms need to support concentration and attention to detail so it is important to choose the healthiest illumination possible. In other ‘living’ rooms you can concentrate more on creating a specific mood with flattering fittings.