how to contract for home theatre seup?

i would like to setup a home thearre in my home professionally done. How do I deal with the contrators? How do I select them?

Please ignore the last poster, I am supprised you have not gotten better answers already!

Your first resource to check is, that is the organization the certifies home theater installers, and they will be happy to refer you local dealers and installers.

Another good place would be to check out your local book store and check out the hifi section, in the high end audio magazines you will usually find a directory of premier dealers, and you should find one in your area.

Most home theater installers are small and just a one shop kind of place. There are regional dealers that are okay as well. The only national dealer you should trust with your installation is Tweeter, which is where I work, and recommend completly. Best Buy and Circuit City sub contract most of their installers, and are not in the business to do a professional home theater. You shouldn't have any problem finding several installers in your area by contacting Cedia.

By the way, if you by chance live near Wilmington, Delaware I could help you out. Please just indicate in the comments section where you live and I will be able to find a few places if you like.