How to Decorate a Dorm Room

Dorm rooms are pretty fun to decorate! How can we decorate a dorm room to make it look good? Here are some tips in this article to help you. Of course, every college has rules that we must follow. We can’t paint the walls a ton of different bright neon colors. So what is it that you need? You need to get some posters for your room. You know those posters of your favorite hot movie actor or actress and your favorite bands.

Another thing that you may want to have to help you is a calender on your wall to keep you organized throughout the school year. A big calender is best to keep track of your busy schedule throughout the year. Some other college students like to display pictures of their best friends and family on the walls. You can also decorate your room with stuffed animals such as teddy bears. Make sure to not crowed your room with stuffed animals. You can also have a few rugs on the floor if you like the designs on some of them.

Be creative with decorating a dorm room. Remember, you can always redecorate during the middle of the school year. A new change in decoration is always good. Some people like to hang dream catchers on the walls. Some prefer to hang hats on the walls or perhaps some sunglasses. Dorm rooms are something that can be decorated in many different forms. After all, they don’t expect college students to have perfect normal decoration like your grandmothers house.

You need to bring some lamps to decorate your dorm room. They have some nifty lamps at the stores. You also need to bring a fan since the air conditioner doesn’t work very well in dorm rooms sometimes. You might want to bring a small mirror to put on the wall. You can also put some night stands in the room. You want to bring a dresser and a few shelfs to organize your stuff.

You also want to bring a comforter and some fluffy pillows. You want to get something that is somewhat bright colored. When you have bright colors in a room then it appears to make it somewhat more lighter in there. Dark colors tend to make a place look dark. You also need to bring a tv stand if you bringing a television with you. You need to make sure that you have enough space for everything to fit in your dorm room.

You need to bring an alarm clock. Bring plenty of pens and pencils to use during the school year. You need to also bring some Christmas lights so you can decorate during Christmas time. A small little Christmas tree always add a extra touch to a dorm room. Decorating at Christmas time is always fun!