How To Decorate Your Home, Inside And Out, With Wooden Garden Planters

With today’s uncertain economy, homeowners are more interested in making a dollar stretch than spending money on lavish makeovers. As every good decorator knows, spending a little on small touches can make a big impact. If you would like to add a little sparkle to your outdoor or indoor decor, plants are a great way to do it.

Plants are a beautiful way to add style. Wooden garden planters are an excellent way to put plants in a garden or home without the extra effort of maintaining an elaborate garden. And with today’s Internet accessibility, a new style is only a click away.

A wooden garden planter is a container that is specifically designed to contain plants. There are small wooden garden planters that can be used for herbs or small flowers. Larger wooden garden planters can hold bushes or small trees. When decorating with a wooden garden planter, think about the following before making a purchase:

-Size. Just like buying furniture, you will want to consider the size and scale of the area you want to decorate. If your area is large and open, you may want to buy several of the largest size of wooden garden planter. Smaller, more intimate settings may make a grouping of small wooden garden planters more suitable.

-Material. Wooden garden planters are available in many different types of wood, including teak, cypress, or cedar. Teak is resistant to insects and is highly water resistant. Cypress is a common wood used for outdoor furnishings. Cedar is aromatic and also resistant to pests.

-Aesthetics. From a simple box to an elaborate design, shop for a wooden garden planter that meets your sense of style. Wooden garden planters are available stained, unstained or painted. While a stained or unstained planter provides a neutral backdrop, a painted planter may better suit your color scheme.

-Price. Depending on quality, size and type of wood, planters come in a variety of price ranges. If you are buying multiple groupings of planters, you may want to consider price as the biggest factor in making a purchase. However, if you are buying only one large size wooden garden planter, price may be less important to you. Regardless of what you buy, be sure the planter is made of quality construction and material.

-Manufacturer. Consider the company that makes the wooden garden planter and the type of warranty or customer satisfaction guarantee that the company offers to consumers. Many people forget to look into this important piece of information until they have already made a purchase that they later regret. If a company isn’t interested in satisfying its customers, you should take your business (and your wallet) else ware.

Simple changes like adding some wooden garden planters can make a dramatic change in appearance and puts a modern, well-decorated look to any location. The addition of plants helps cleanse and purify the air. Fragrant plants bring a pleasant aroma that encourages relaxation and happy memories.