How to Get Rid of Ticks

Do you have a lot of ticks outside of your house? Do you frequently have to remove ticks from your pets? Ticks are nasty pests and they are something that you do not want on you or your animals. Ticks can carry a variety of diseases and conditions, and they can easily pass it on to the person or animal they are feeding on. Here are some ways to get rid of ticks…

Treat Your Pets
Pets are common carriers of ticks because they are commonly outside. Pets can also get diseases from ticks, and when your pets comes in with a tick they could be bringing ticks inside of your house. They sell tick repellent medication for pets at most stores and veterinarians offices. Many types of flea repellents will also repel ticks, so it’s good to read the labels because that’s a two for one deal.

Eliminate Their Habitat
Ticks love to live in high grass and wooded areas. If you eliminate the habitat that they live in, there won’t be as many in that area. There isn’t usually much you can do about wooded area, but you can definitely eliminate high grass.

Repelling Plants
There are many types of plants that ticks don’t like and that will actually repel them. Some of these plants include, garlic, sage, eucalyptus, and lavender plants. These plants are actually known for repelling more than just ticks.

Prepare yourself when you are going to be walking in areas that ticks can live in. You should wear long sleeves and long pants, so you will be protecting these pests from feeding on you. Buy some insect repellent at the store, and make sure to check and see if the repellent will repel ticks. Spray the repellent all over you. When you get home, make sure to check your clothes, body, and your hair for any ticks that may have gotten on you.

As you already know, ticks do not like garlic plants, but they also hate the smell of garlic in general. It’s said that if you take a garlic pill, which they sell at many stores with a pharmacy and health section, the ticks will be repelled from you. Taking a garlic pill is the same as eating a good amount of garlic, so that would work as well. You could also buy garlic oil and mix it with some water and spray it outside in tick-infested areas or around your house.

Pesticides are usually not good for humans, animals, or the environment, so you should use this as a last resort. Using pesticides outside will get rid of and kill the ticks. You can buy this at most home improvement stores.