How to Improve Memory

Have you noticed that as you age it tends to get difficult to memorize things as easily as you did when you were at school or even college? You wonder why this happens? ‘Coz the brain is not stimulated enough to learn. Just as one exercises to keep fit and healthy, the mind requires to be worked as well to keep it in good shape. Adding to this difficulty of memorizing things is also the advent of technology. There are mobile phones, planners and basically every single thing that you can get at the touch of a button, so the need to ‘keep things in mind’ is lost. How does that affect one’s memory power? We cannot memorize things as easily as we did before cause the brain is not worked enough since it is not forced to remember anything. That is why the need for memory improvement becomes paramount. A weak memory can lead to several problems and certain mental conditions can also develop. But then how does one improve one’s memory is the question. In the following article, this is the exact issue that we will be dealing with and looking to give you some ways of improving memory and concentration effectively.

Techniques of Improving Memory

Memory Games

There have been several games that help in improving memory, those that have been invented to get the mind to exercise and thereby help increase its capacity, memory and brain power. Most of the board games that are invented help in improving not only one’s memory but also reasoning power. Some of the games for improving ones memory are.

  • Puzzles ~ Difficult puzzles, help to work the brain and increase memory manifold.
  • Matching Cards ~ The childhood game of turning cards over and then matching them in pairs is another great way to improve one’s memory.
  • Card Games ~ Although all cards require one to concentrate and it automatically improves reasoning powers, there are certain specialized card games that concentrate on improving one’s memory per se. (‘Not at home’ for example)

Other games that help in improving memory are chess, scrabble, crosswords, sudoku and others like the same.

Learning a Language

Another effective technique to improve one’s memory is learning something new – like a language. Taking your brain out from the comforts of the mundane and expected and into an unfamiliar territory, forces it to memorize things. Learning a new language is one of the best ways to work the brain to learn and do more. So also, taking up a new study course or even joining a part-time study course helps the brain to learn better and improves its memory.

Other Techniques

There are several other simple techniques by which you can improve your memory. Keep these in mind and apply them in your day-to-day usage. You’ll notice a change almost instantly.

  • Visual Conversion ~ Converting information to a visual image helps one remember things better because our visual senses are stronger. So when you hear ‘rat’ in speech, immediately draw a parallel to the time you saw a rat in your garden and there are chances you’ll be able to recall it better the next time over.
  • Experiment with Techniques ~ There are several aids like auditory, speech and visual that you can use in your learning and memorizing process. Experiment to see what suits you best. Also try a combination of the different techniques.
  • Mnemonics ~ Using different mnemonics (aids) help in improving memory tremendously. Some of the popular ones are images, conversion into rhyming words, forming a word from the first alphabet of a sentence, adding a tune to it, relating it to locations or other information that you already know, converting into a short story or a joke.
  • Repetition and Over-learning ~ Repeating something over and over again and over learning is a proven method to help improve one’s memory.
  • Improving One’s Lifestyle ~ Exercising, sleeping on time, eating a balanced meal and refraining from substance abuse or smoking will automatically keep the body and mind fit and improve its ability to memorize things.

These are some proven techniques on how to improve memory. Never wait for a time when you have to start thinking of how to improve your memory but learn to inculcate these simple methods as a part of your daily routine and you’ll see that the question of not remembering things does not arise.