How to Set Up Your Own Home Theater System

Why pay big money to sit in a crowded theater and deal with teenagers and their cell phones, overpriced drinks and popcorn, and countless advertisements and previews before the movie even starts? Instead, put together a home theater system and enjoy movies from the privacy of your home without all the interruptions and distractions.

A home theater system contains a few basic components. First, you'll need speakers and a subwoofer to get the sound to fill the room. You can get a 2.1 channel system or go with 5.1 or 7.1 for surround sound. Next, you'll need a receiver that powers the speaker and controls the sound. You will also need a good HDTV and a high definition DVD or Blu-ray player if you want to see movies look their best. After you select all the components, you still need to hook it all up. With many options to consider, we'll help you sort things out in this home theater planning guide.

High Definition TV

The core component of every home theater is the television, or the HDTV. With sizes varying from a laptop screen to six or seven feet wide, there are many options to consider. You don't want to skimp on a good HDTV, but you don't want to spend too much, either. If you haven't made the switch to Blu-ray yet, is it worth upgrading from DVD? Learn as much as you can before you buy, and don't forget to shop around.