i need help remodeling? any ideas will help?

okay so me and my bf are moving into his house and he has wood panelling in his living room and it is to pricey to lay drywall so we thought about putting cocking in the cracks and sanding it down after it drys so it will look like a real wall.i was wondering if u guys had any ideas for the living room?

Your bestbet would be to paint the wood panelling. A decorative living room starts with a good color. Red and golds give your living room a classy, home feeling. White and black is a big no-no because it will be to retro. Different colors of blue can give the room a relaxing feeling

If you go red and gold, here are some suggestions:

Get wood floors and buy a rug that you can lay in the center of the room, that is white, cream, gold, and red with flowers(very pretty). Get a comfortable red or burgundy sofa. Red/white/gold curtains and white walls. A fireplace and some plants can add a beautiful finishing touch. Good luck!